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Safe Halloween Decorating Tips For Your Roof

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Every year, many Connecticut homeowners decorate their homes for Halloween. Some folks will just put up a few decorations, while others will go all out and install yard and roof accessories. If you are planning to put anything on your roof there are some safety measures to consider so you do not end up damaging your roof and need to call a Stamford roofing contractor for repairs.

Tips to Decorate Your Roof Safely

Remember, any time you put anything on your roof that is foreign to the components of the roofing system you run the risk of damage. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize the possibility of damage.

For starters, always be sure to double-check that you are taking the time to do it correctly and read the directions thoroughly. If the materials you are using come with clips for shingle mounting make sure they are used. Never Ever Drill or Put Nails Into Your Roof!! It may not seem like an ideal method for mounting, but using nails or drilling holes can create roof leaks.

We may not be qualified decorators to help you choose the best holiday accessories for your home. However, a reliable roofing contractor in Stamford service can answer any roof-related questions you have or make repairs if you accidentally damage it during installation or removal of your decorations.

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October 20, 2020
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